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Ippy's Tips

Ippy's Tips

Helpful hints and tips related to the paper industry from Interstate Paper Supply Company's lovable representative Ippy Ipsco!

Indented Paper Info

Did you know that indented paper is a soft and absorbent paper that has a dimpled surface and is most often found in a brown or gray color? It is a more protective alternative to flat recycled paper. When the items being packaged are heavier, more fragile or sharper than flat paper can handle the solution is Indented. To help keep everyone on the same page lets take a look at other names used to describe indented paper.

Indented Paper: alternate names

  • waffle paper
  • shocksorb
  • crinkle paper
  • embossed sheets

Knowing this could help a customer make the right choice of material and possibly help the salesperson identify when a customer needs indented but is asking for something else. Please contact us for samples, product information, pricing or a complete sales presentation at your facility.

Framing Kraft

Ippy says that brown Kraft paper is ideal for creating a professional appearance to the back of any picture frame and to seal it all in, thus protecting the picture from dust or humidity. A piece of brown Kraft paper slightly larger than the frame glued to the back will provide protection and preserve the value of your picture. Information about the artist or picture can then be attached to the back. Items like the artist's biography, newspaper clipping, or the artist's business card can be glued on. Another idea would be to place an envelope or transparent sleeve with the item inside which is taped or glued on.


Counter Rolls

The term “counter roll” refers to a roll of Kraft paper that is conveniently sized small enough to be handled by one person. Counter rolls are often used on dispensers that are placed on or above a desired workstation and can be used for wrapping, stuffing, or interleaving a product.

Widths commonly range from 12” to 72”.

Rolls are typically run to 1# per inch of width.

For example a 24” wide counter roll would weigh 24 lbs.

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