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Build ups / Shapes

What is a build up?

Ipsco would like to profile a product line which has proven quite successful. The items are Corrugated U-Channels, Angles, Corners and Build ups. A build up is made of layers of corrugated glued together to form a block used to brace items for shipping. This product is an excellent void fill for heavy items.

What are "S-Pads"?

S-Pads are specialty corrugated products designed and custom built to fit your customers needs. S-Pads are used to effectively protect furniture, wood and metal cabinets, specialty windows, counters, machinery and many other items. Michaelman coated tissue and foam lined are available where additional protection is required.

These specialty corrugated items are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Need more information? Please contact us for samples, product information, pricing or a complete sales presentation at your facility. Click on the link below for a PDF file suitable for printing.

Corrugated and built up pad Helping Hand PDF 2.97mb

Corrugated U-Channels, angles, corners and build up pads